Sashwat Mahalingam

I am an undergraduate researcher in the Robot Learning Lab directed by Professor Pieter Abbeel. I work on projects relating to robotics, machine learning, and deep reinforcement learning, under the mentorship of Dr. Xingyu Lin.

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SpawnNet: Learning Generalizable Visuomotor Skills from Pretrained Networks
Xingyu Lin*, John So*, Sashwat Mahalingam, Fangchen Liu, Pieter Abbeel
Conferences: ICRA 2024
Workshops: "GMPL" workshop at RSS 2023, "NeuRL-RMW" workshop at CoRL 2023

We adapt dense pre-trained representations to learn generalizable manipulation skills. Our method shows significant improvements in categorical generalization over more naive pre-training paradigms and well-designed from-scratch baselines.

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